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the view from Mt. Quandary | March 2016

the view from Mt. Quandary | March 2016

Last week I read Chelsea Francis’s post, The 2016 Anti Bucket List. I loved the idea so I’ve decided to write my own as a way to look back at 2016. I know, I know–we’re already a week into 2017. But so far, 2017 has been crazy (traveling, car problems, a sick cat, frozen pipes, and a cold) and now that things I finally a little bit quieter I wanted to sit down and make a list of things learned and accomplished and done in 2016. It’s nice to look back as we move forward :)

  • I rode my bike from New Hampshire to Washington (and then to Vancouver).
  • I started practicing yoga regularly again.
  • I cut my hair pretty short which was a little bit scary and extremely fun.
  • I fundraised $5200 for affordable housing with donations from over 80 people. It was time-consuming, exhilarating, and required so much of my imagination and creativity. It taught me how to put myself out there confidently.
  • I hiked/snowshoed up my first 14er with one of my best friends. 
  • I learned that I love to write. 
  • I stood up for myself in a challenging and unpleasant work situation.
  • I learned I really really want a dog. No, not right now (but hopefully in the not too distant future either).
  • I voted for a WOMAN for president. 
  • I moved to the least populated state in the United States.
  • I stopped wearing make-up (not that I ever wore that much to begin with). And I stopped shaving because razors are $$$, razor burn is real and awful, and beauty standards are stupid anyway.
  • And last but not least I gave up sugar in my coffee. **pats self on the back**

And there you have it. Cheers to the new year!

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