Sarah O'Leary



Hello, i’m sarah

I am a photographer based in East Tennessee with a wandering heart. I creatively document the love-filled moments of your life so that you will always remember the deep joy and bravery with which you lived. 


I fell in love with photography the old-fashioned way: in a darkroom at my university. It was sophomore year, I signed up for photography and–quite simply–that was it. I spent hours in the darkroom mesmerized by the process of bringing a photo to life. 

Since then, I’ve documented stories on small Alaskan islands, in remote Guatemalan villages, and with my second language, Spanish. I’ve photographed from float planes and fishing boats, and right here at home. With roots deep in documentary storytelling, I choose to photograph the stories of your love and life within a context as unique as you, in a place special to your story–whether it is a mountain-top, or your kitchen.

I believe that we are shaped by the people we love, the places that form us, and the experiences we have. And it is the depth of love and the choice to live bravely that define who we are and who we become. My work is honest and natural, emotive and genuine. It would be my joy to document a part of your story. 


kind words


There is one word to sum up working with Sarah: she is so PERSONABLE! Her energy is grounding, warming, and inviting. There is no such thing as being shy in front of the camera when you’re with her. Feeling awkward? Sarah’s photo magic will have you looking like a natural because her style is just that easy and fluid. She moves as you move capturing those never cheesy, candid moments. The ones that capture who you are and what you actually want to see.

-Emma Storm of estormstudio

Working with Sarah was a dream! She is a wonderful photographer who knows exactly when and where to capture perfect moment. She is fun to work with and will make you smile the entire time, so much so you may forget you are being photographed. I am so happy with the way the pictures turned out and cannot wait to work with her again!

-Katie Rabinowitz, Yoga Teacher

I’ve known Sarah as a friend and as a photographer for almost eight years now; in that time we have done a handful of shoots together, from Tennessee to Arizona - she is behind every single one of my favorite photos of myself! She has such an incredible eye for detail and for crafting the perfect shot.

-Katey Robinson